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AES Energy Storage is a leader in commercial energy storage solutions, having delivered the largest global fleet of battery-based storage assets in service today, which improve flexibility and reliability of the power system and offer a complete alternative to traditional peaking power plants.  The company’s Advancion® 4 energy storage platform integrates best-in-class battery and power conversion technologies. Advancion is available for sale to utilities, power markets, and independent power producers, and AES Energy Storage and its partners can manage installations from concept to operation. AES has 436 MW of interconnected energy storage in operation, construction or late stage development in eight countries.
Nidec ASI was established in December 2012 as a result of Nidec Corporation’s acquisition of Ansaldo Sistemi Industriali S.p.A. The company can trace its origins back over 100 years to the founding of Ansaldo’s “stabilimento elettromeccanico” (electro-mechanical workshop) in 1899. From its inception, Nidec ASI has specialized in providing innovative power control and system solutions for hundreds of customers worldwide,  established itself as one of the pioneers of Italian manufacturing, engineering and industry.
Founded in 1956 as an electromechanical company, SAET has been operating for over fifty years in the Energy field, in systems and plants for production, transmission and distribution of electric energy as well as for cement and steel industry. In 2003 SAET became VAR of General Electric for protection & control: it has the experience of more than 60 plants with integrated P&C. In 2005 it started to supply HV substation up to 420kV realising more than 50 HV turnkey substations integrating power, P&C and civil works. In 2012 SAET approached Energy storage market working as system integrator of different electrochemical technologies in several projects for around 90 MWh installations.
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Sun & WInd Energy generally features market overviews, product information, statistics, prospects and exclusive company profiles, all within the fields of solar thermal, photovoltaics, wind energy and biomass.
Bloomberg New Energy Finance is the leading provider of independent analysis, data and news in the clean energy and carbon markets. World's foremost provider of subscription-based services including industry-leading research, up-to-the-minute verified news and the most robust source of data on clean energy and the carbon markets. Helping create value in the clean energy and carbon markets since 2004.
QE Quotidiano Energia is an editorial initiative specialized in the energy sector that responds to the growing demand for specialized information of businesses and professionals, reaching their readers through the most advanced information technologies declined according to the current criteria of usability and accessibility.
Altenergymag contains news and information resource for alternative energy. It features daily news stories, hot products, industry tools, hundreds of articles and many more.
PHOTON Publishing GmbH is the largest publisher worldwide in the field of solar electricity production. PHOTON’s monthly publications cover the solar world as no other publication does – with in-depth, independently researched articles written by our own staff of editors from around the world. Headquartered in Germany since 1996, we are the most renowned and completely independent solar magazine publisher dedicated to applying a critical approach to journalism. There is a strict separation between our editorial teams and advertising department to ensure a journalistic environment free of the influences of public relations. Our independent reporting is exactly what appeals to our readers. At PHOTON Laboratory we are constantly testing and certificating PV modules, PV inverters and other PV equipment by very high testing standards over short and long periods. Near our headquarters in Aachen Germany we are maintaining the world largest PV long-term outdoor test field. PHOTON Academy organizes seminars and high-level conferences; and last but not least the PHOTON group also encloses a company consultancy firm with PHOTON Consulting LLC.
ERA SOLAR magazine, founded in 1983, is the only Media in Spanish that exclusively devotes its 6 yearly editions to Solar Energy and it is aimed at professionals of the sector. ERA SOLAR features all topics related to PV, Solar-Thermal and Solar Thermoelectric from a technical-professional perspective: Research Papers, In-depth Articles, Interviews, Technical Advances, Current Affairs, Solar Markets Experts Opinion, Forecasting & Analysis, tradeshows & conferences Agenda.
EOLUS is the only Spanish-language technical magazine that devotes it 5 yearly editions to the Wind Power Energy. It is a bimonthly magazine that includes in-depth technical articles and research papers submitted by some of the most reputable figures of the sectors, as well as a wide variety of fixed sections such as: national and international news, the latest Wind Energy Industry news, cutting edge technical advances, interviews, fairs-conferences-courses and events agenda, bibliography, employment bureau and more.
IHS provides information, expertise and analysis to support the decision-making process of businesses and governments in key capital-intensive industries, such as aerospace, defense and security; automotive; chemical; energy; maritime and trade; and technology industries. IHS also provides expertise in economics, country risk, engineering and overall operational excellence.
Lux Research is an independent research and advisory firm providing strategic advice and ongoing intelligence for emerging technologies. Leaders in business, finance, and government rely on us to help them make informed strategic decisions. Through our unique research approach focused on primary research and our extensive global network, we deliver insight, connections, and competitive advantage to our clients.
Staffetta Quotidiana da sempre si distingue per la sua indipendenza e la sua autorevolezza tanto da essere punto di riferimento indiscusso nel business dell’energia. Più di 10.000 notizie l’anno, un’informazione precisa e puntuale, commenti ed approfondimenti di esperti, un’attenta analisi dei dati. Quotidianamente variazioni dei mercati e dei prezzi, consumi, statistiche, leggi, decreti, documenti delle Autorità, gare ed eventi. Il numero del sabato di maggiore foliazione è in formato rivista.
Australasian Power Technologies Publications Pty Ltd are pleased to present their suite of electrical magazines, each focused to a different sector of the electricity market, and a different reader:

1)Transmission and Distribution – In T&D you’ll find practical, informative and highly valuable articles based on the actual applications and use of products and field services written by qualified professionals whose experience and proven reputation provides readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems. This assists others in the field achieve maintenance excellence.

2) Industrial Electrix – In IE you’ll find practical, informative and highly valuable articles based on the actual applications and use of products and services used within the 415V – 36kV Industrial and Manufacturing industries. Written by qualified professionals, their experience and proven reputation provides readers with reliable solutions to everyday problems. This assists others in the field achieve maintenance excellence.

3) Energy Generation – EG covers the Use and Application of products and services across all forms of energy generation: Solar, Wind, Hydro, Steam, Gas and Coal driven, together with associated equipment and services. It is designed to provide valuable information to power plant operators on plant performance/operating issues and their resolution as well as new innovations that may benefit their work place and provide readers with quality, thought provoking content and the opportunity for sharing of practical solutions to problems faced everyday by workers in the industry. Download a free copy and find out more at http://www.powertrans.com.au