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Tech Soap Box

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We recognize the need to provide a platform for SME companies and Research Institutes to present new patented technologies and concepts that could be the key to a stronger business case for the future of energy storage. This is why we have developed the ” Tech Soap Box ” (TM) session at our Energy Storage Forums offering additional media coverage to the winner!

How does it work?

After all the applications have been submitted (apply below), the advisory board will select the best 4 prospects to present at the Forum. The four speakers will address the audience for only 10 minutes each by examining how their newly patented technology or project is helping the energy storage industry in terms of economic gains or storage performance. Soon after the speeches have been completed the audience will evaluate each presentation and the winner will benefit from an article on our blog and an introduction to all our media partners. This format makes the presentation more dynamic and it also helps promoting around the world small companies with newly patented energy storage concepts.


Our past Tech Soap Box speakers took pride in winning this session and they made sure that their customers knew it. The more cutting edge and unique is your solution and the more likely you are to get picked by our conference producer and the advisory board. Winners of the Tech Soap Box (TM) will have privilege contact with our Media partners thus ensuring extra exposure to your solution and idea. Companies that have applied in the past include: Universities and Research Lab, newly formed energy storage technology companies who have just patented a solution and looking for funding.




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