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Lazard’s levelized cost of storage
Rocky Mountain Institute:
The Economics of Load Defection. Following text: How grid-connected solar-plus-battery systems will compete with traditional electric service, why it matters, and possible paths forward.
Lo studio è il frutto della collaborazione fra due realtà italiane attive nel settore come RSE ed il Gruppo Sistemi di Accumulo dell’associazione ANIE Energia.
Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyses the trends in North America Clean Energy Request for Proposals(RFPs) in 2014 that serve as a leading indicator in the industry.
Distributed Energy Storage – The Business Case For National And International Collaboration (with a review of first movers from Japan, England, Germany and Australia)
A fact-based analysis of the implications of projected development of the European electric power system towards 2030-2050 for the role and commercial viability of energy storage.
This report by Zpryme seeks to showcase how energy storage technologies will evolve given the rapid deployment of smart grids across the globe. The industries that are most likely to deploy these technologies as well as the major benefits of such deployment are also studied.
This report by University of Leeds, University of Birmingham & University of Sheffield examine the primary objectives required to meet UK’s greenhouse reduction targets by 2050, and assesses different technologies for heat or electrical storage that can be used to meet them.
In this paper, EPRI discusses 10 energy storage applications that can support the electrical system, and the findings from simulating the operation of each technology/application combination in a sequential hourly dispatch model that was done over a year.
This report by ENEA Consulting analyzes how energy storage can be a technical lever for integrating intermittent energies into a low-carbon energy mix, and how to overcome various obstacles to implement a service-based approach for energy storage.
This report by IEC discusses tools to integrate large quantities of renewables into existing electricity grids, with focus on the use of electrical energy storage, and improvement in standards to reflect the development of renewables.
In the first of a two-part series, Pacific Northwest National Library analyzed a hypothetical 2020 grid scenario to estimate the market size for stationary energy storage systems for balancing services and energy arbitrage.
In the final report on Wide Area Energy Storage and Management System, Pacific Northwest National Library reports results of the Flywheel Field Test (using their flywheel storage prototype), and the Battery Storage Evaluation (using NaS batteries under real time dispatch).


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