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About Us

Who Are We?

Dufresne started researching this event in 2009 and The Energy Storage World Forum was the first 3 day dedicated conference on stationary storage to take place in Europe and in Asia since 2010. Over 2000 delegates (in total) and a total of 340 speakers, including more than 80 different utilities/TSOs/DSOs/DNOs from 28 countries attended our past 7 Energy Storage World Forums. Our events took place in Beijing, Tokyo, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Rome and London bringing together an international array of speakers combined with local knowledge.



Tech Soap Box (TM)

We at Dufresne have devised a unique presentation format called TECH SOAP BOX (TM). This format is designed to put the audience in charge and it has become one of our key Forum features. How does it work? The speakers will address the audience for only 10 minutes each by examining how their new technology is benefitting the community in terms of estimated economic gains and service reliability. Soon after the speeches have been completed the audience will then evaluate each speaker and the winner will benefit from an article on our blog as well as a full speaking slot at the next Forum. This format makes the presentation more dynamic and straight to the point, thus catching more attention from the audience.

BAP: Building The Action Plan (TM)

Most of our events also feature a new learning group format. At the end of the conference after all the power point presentations have been completed, we run a tailored discussion in parallel groups centred on active engagement with the use of boards. Each group discussion will then be followed by a step by step approach on how to implement solutions. In this way we tailor the discussion to the professionals in the room and we make sure we have covered also what was not presented by other speakers. If you are interested in leading one of the BAP groups please contact us.

Al Gore – The Inspiration

After listening to a speech of Mr Al Gore at Leaders in London and having met him in person, we were totally inspired by his genuine effort and call to action. Simply put after that day we couldn’t sit still, so we put our skills to good use. Yes we are a commercial organisation, we are not an NGO, still we would like to think that together with you, we could play a part in helping the industry to find viable technical and economic solutions via our conferences or community groups online. We often give out some of our presentations for free and we also feature some of the speakers speeches on video for free up on this website. Check our Video menu.

Why Dufresne as a name?

We often get asked this question. We admit the company name may not be the easiest to pronounce (doo-frayn), but there is a reason for choosing such name. Dufresne is the surname of the main character in the movie “The Shawshank Redemption” played by Tim Robbins. Andy Dufresne was imprisoned wrongly, but this did not stop him for making the prison a better place. He inspired his inmates with his own values and free spirit. He championed hope and eventually this hope set him free. We would like to think that the world we are in right now will benefit from more hope. Hope in finding a solution to global warming and hope in creating a better world for our future generations.

Red (pictured on the left) to Andy Dufresne (pictured on the right): “Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane” Andy Dufresne reply: “Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies”


Singapore and Europe

Dufresne has a core team of event managers, conference producers and researchers, bringing to the company a combined experience of over 25 years. We have a small office in Italy whilst our main office is in sunny Singapore. We define conference value as such: practical information and networking exchange that will help the value chain and its community to create solutions. Our company mantra is: learn, community, network. Find out our unique interactive sessions called Tech Soap Box and Building The Action Plan.

Davide Bonomi – Content Strategy Director

I am one of the directors of Dufresne and together with our producers we structure the programme content and include the topics that you want to hear. I used to work for a few major conference companies (see my linkedin profile) and I am grateful for what I have learnt there. My focus now is to ensure that we continually innovate with new formats that will help you in networking or learning in a more dynamic way. For this reason we only research and produce Energy Storage conferences including the Residential Energy Storage Forum, the Microgrid Forum and our annual Energy Storage World Forum so we can learn and grow together with you.

“Conferences Davide has organized have been very stimulating and interactive. Speakers are well selected and the format is a bit different than many other events. Worth attending.” – Troy Hayes, General Manager, Exponent (China)

“Davide invited me to the EV Battery Forum to hold a speech. I was really amazed of the quality of both, the congress and the exhibition. The quality of the speakers and attenders was also very high. 

Thank you Davide for the great organization. I’m looking forward to meet you in any other Dufresne Event! 

” – Olmo Tomas Mezger, Director of Strategy and Development, The Green & Energy Consulting Group LinkedIN Profile

Radia Ghany

My role is mostly in operations and co-ordination and creating a good experience for our delegates and speakers, including making sure that our Forums are well organised before, during and after. My experience in the events industry spans over 10 years ranging from fashion to dance to corporate events. Working at Dufresne means that I can contribute in making the Energy Storage World Forum more successful and creative. If you have any new ideas on how to improve your experience as a delegate or a speaker do send me a message. In terms of hobbies my favourite past time includes, travelling, spending time with family, reading and movies.

Virginia De Leon, Business Relations And Assistant To The Director

Together with my director I liaise with our speakers and past delegates worldwide. I also assist during the research process for our topic titles in Asia and in Europe. Joining this company made me aware the importance of Energy Storage, especially for the country in which I was born (Philippines). I believe that energy storage and microgrids will help the world we live in and create new business opportunities.

Carlo Maccherini, Business Development Manager

After my degree at Siena Universtity in 2005 I have moved to London, where I have gained a strong experience in financial markets. After three years in the U.K., I have decided to focus my energies in the Renewable Energy Area, working as Italian Area Manager for a Photovoltaic Panels manufacturer. I have travelled all around Europe promoting pv panels and wind turbines and in 2012 I moved to Brussels working for the European Photovoltaic Industry Association as Business Development Manager. In the last year I took another step in my career, so I have devolped a personal project dedicated to wine tastings in Tuscany, another big passion of mine. I have joined Dufresne as Business Development Manager as I believe that the 8th Energy Sotrage World Forum it is the right answer to the topics of the current energy landscape and will help the industry to overcome the challenges of the market.

Dr Geoff James, Writer

Dr Geoff James is a writer for our Industry News committed to bring you the latests insights on energy storage right here on this website (check out our Industry News menu).

Geoff has been a consultant in clean energy and is respected as a thought leader following 22 years with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).  As a Principal Research Scientist, his research and consulting interests included demand management, integrating renewable generation, distribution network evolution, transmission planning, and energy storage technology and applications.  In 2013 Geoff and joined Reposit Power to help commercialise residential energy storage in the Australian market.  He contributed to the control technology and liaised with electricity distribution networks and the market operator to define the services that will make energy storage profitable.  Now he is developing partnerships between Australia, China, and South-East Asia to assist progress towards clean and efficient power systems for our region.

Marina Bukvic – Event Hostess

I am pleased to be working in the field of clean energy. Nikola Tesla is someone I have always admired. One of the greatest minds of all times born on Serbian soil. By more than a few Tesla has been considered the father of physics, the man who invented the twentieth century and yes I have driven a Tesla. My experience ranges from organising luxury events in China to modelling.


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