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Worldwide energy storage: a diverse and evolving market


By Mike Stone


A report published by the Energy Storage World Forum predicts continued rapid growth in energy storage worldwide.

The Energy Storage World Markets Report has been produced in partnership by Dufresne, the organisers of the Energy Storage World Forum, and analyst firm Azure, which is currently tracking storage projects that amount to around 3GW.

“Over the next 10 years,” states the report, “the combination of growing policy support and the emergence of commercial markets will propel the market into a new stage of growth.”

There are encouraging signs of market development and growth in different territories around the world, showing a highly diverse range of drivers, approaches and conditions, it says. 
Diverse drivers
Each country surveyed is showing signs of encouraging storage development, albeit for differing reasons. As an example,…


U.K.’s Energy Storage And Smart Technologies Fueled By Funds

U.K.’s Energy Storage And Smart Technologies Fueled By Funds

The UK government has announced that they are putting £28 million into lowering the cost of energy storage, enhancing demand side response technologies and bettering energy efficiency measures for the nation.
A competition to reduce energy storage costs, including electricity, thermal and power-to-gas storage, will be launched with £9 million set aside for this alone. This is in addition to £600,000 for researches on the practicability of potential large-scale future storage demonstrators.
The increment of funds would not only revamp the current energy system with a more environmentally-friendly one, but also create more employment opportunities for the people at the same time.
Although solar has not gotten its fair share of support, the approval of other low carbon technologies are gladly received….


ITM Power To Raise £5.5m In Placement

raise £5.5m in share placing

ITM Power, a clean energy company, is determined to raise £5.5m in a projected share placing. They are targeting existing and new institutional investors, with 17p per share. These shares will be based on an accelerated bookbuild offering, and Zeus Capital will be the exclusive lead-manager. The proceeds are intended for bringing forth the working capital to backup the project order book, achieve a positive cash flow position and build up the company’s balance sheet.
Dr. Graham Cooley and investors J.C.B. Research and Valebond Consultants Limited will release 14.9m shares. The company has also made their financial report of six months up till October 2016 known. In this period, the group recognised total revenue and grant funding of £2.97m in…


Moixa Aims To Slash Bills And Increase Solar Power With Home Battery

home battery trial

Moixa Smart Batteries, electricity distributor Northern Powergrid and public power company Energise Barnsley are coming together to link 40 homes in a £250,000 trial of a virtual power plant that decreases peak solar production onto the electrical grid during times of low local demand. This solution is expected to save customers millions in the cost of running Britain’s power network.
The virtual power plant would manage clusters of home batteries, allowing homeowners to use the solar energy that they’ve stored during the day when darkness falls, thereby cutting their electricity bills by as much as half. As the cost of battery storage and panels fall, this solution would become increasingly popular. Incentives will be given to attract more homeowners to…


One-Pot Method Of Material Compounding For Energy Storage

one pot technique

A team of researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has developed a one-pot technique that creates intricate and well-structured microscopic pyramids that could prevent the flaws of individual particles and improve the overall performance of the materials used for energy storage.
This formulation of the novel material would certainly help in our renewable energy development and usage. The creation of competent catalysts, sensors and separators would have higher durability and effectiveness, which will lower energy demands and waste from factories. The team’s new method leverages on the relationship among the atomic ordering of a silicon substrate, structure of organic template, and atomic structure of sodium silicate.
Their system is similar to nature’s way of developing complex structures, in that it allows…


Tesla’s Upcoming World’s Largest Energy Storage Project


Tesla has been working with Southern California Edison (SCE) since last year in manufacturing the largest lithium-ion battery in the world for the Mira Loma substation, which becomes an alternative source of power in times of shortages. The battery was completed in December.
The substation is able to generate 84,000 kWh of energy, which is enough to power up 2,500 homes in a day on its own. Despite the satisfactory capability, the substations will work together with SCE’s current power sources instead, so that even more homes could benefit from the power source, especially during peak periods. This will greatly decrease the need for fossil fuels.
If all goes well, this collaborated efforts of conventional power providers and innovative and environmentally-friendly…


Energy Storage Batteries Potentially Reaching 250GW by 2030 – IRENA


Between 2010 and 2015, the cost of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage has declined by 65%, while battery storage’s use for electricity could hit 250GW by 2030, from just 1GW today, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

“REThinking Energy 2017: Accelerating the global energy transformation” is the latest ‘flagship’ report from the agency, analysing policies, technologies and technical innovations, as well as deployment figures and markers for moving forward to decarbonise and decentralise world energy networks.

Findings include a statistic from German grid operator 50Hz that variable renewable energy penetration on its network could reach 70% without significant investment in energy storage technology. However, the report is positive that electricity storage as a source of system flexibility will become…


Wall Street Still Playing It Cool with Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk News Conference

Despite the great acclamation for Tesla’s gigafactory when it commenced production, Wall Street analysts had a different take.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley were among firms raising concern that the facility has yet to change their views on the company’s short-term financial prospects just a day after the electric-car maker reported fourth-quarter deliveries that missed its own forecasts.

“Overall we found the tour helpful in illustrating the layout and process for manufacturing lithium ion battery cells and packs for its automotive and energy products,” the team at Goldman, led by David Tamberrino, write. “However, there was a lack of quantitative updates for 2017 and the ramp expectations.”

The partial opening of the Nevada factory marked a major milestone for Tesla,…


Sonnen wins Zayed Future Energy Prize in SME category


Germany-based Sonnen, a residential and commercial energy storage company, earned a major accolade on Monday, as it received the Zayed Future Energy Prize in the small and medium enterprise (SME) category.

Sonnen received the award during the opening ceremony of the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi.
The company, which employs 250 workers worldwide, received the award due to the success of its smart storage system ‘sonnenBatterie’, which stores the excess solar energy of a residential PV system and releases it only when needed, thus making a household self-sufficient with regards to generating energy.

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UK Solar Trade Association Continues to Appeal for Elimination of Energy Storage Barriers

Solar Panels on Grange farm

UK’s Solar Trade Association (STA) believes that the UK energy storage industry could deliver smart technologies for a clean energy system, which would positively impact UK solar, but only when the barriers for storage are removed. STA responds to the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and regulator Ofgem’s document on delivering a smart, flexible energy system.

STA highlights the lack of regulatory definition for storage as one of the most critical issues to be addressed. The need for support for both residential and utility scale distribution of solar makes the matter urgent. STA’s research findings are in line with IRENA’s (International Renewable Energy Agency) worldwide report, in that storage could drastically improve the intermittency impacts of solar…

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