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Hydrogen Fuel Network To Establish Fukushima As Japan’s Center For Renewable Energy


The Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute (FREA) is starting a new renewable energy project that will aim to establish the Fukushima prefecture as hydrogen supply center for the country in 2016.

A project between the Fukushima’s prefectural government and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) is currently exploring and refining a model of hydrogen supply infrastructure that will allow Fukushima to become a hydrogen supply center. The model must examine possible infrastructure, production, transportation and consumption.

The AIST’s current model would have electricity generated by wind and solar power to perform electrolysis on water to obtain hydrogen, which is then combined with toluene to create a hydrogen “carrier” called methylcyclohexane.  This carrier liquid will be transported to specific…


Energy storage facilities planed across the Philippines


AES Philippines Power Partners Co. Ltd. Plans to build energy storage facilities across the country which will store up to 250MW of power. They are currently still studying potential locations for the storage facilities, and are currently looking at locations across Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

AES had another project of a 40 MW battery storage project in Kabankalan that was supposed to have been ready by March this year but is still awaiting the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines to provide guidance on the ancillary service procurement agreement.

According to Neeraj Bhat, AES Philippines managing director, the most important factor for their energy storage project to be put into reality requires help from government regulators to push it forward, as well…


Amazon’s Data Centres To Be Powered By Wind Energy


Amazon Web Services has announced the construction of a 208 MW wind farm that will be built in North Carolina- which will also be the first utility scale windfarm to be built there. Beginning of December 2016, the wind farm will start generating 670,000 MW of wind energy per year.

According to Amazon Web Services, the wind farm will provide enough energy to power all of its current data centres in northern Virginia, equivalent to 61,000 US households.  Energy from the wind farm will be delivered into the electrical grid that supplies current and future Amazon data centres. In January 2016 another 500,000MW per year of wind power will be contributed by a new wind farm in Indiana.

Earlier this April…


First Compressed Gas Energy Storage Facility In UK


The European Union will provide up to 6.5 million euros for the financing of a compressed air energy-storage project near Larne, Northern Ireland.

The project by Gaelectric’s compressed air energy storage (CAES) will store energy as compressed gas within a specially engineered cavern located within a salt deposit. The caves are about 1,500 meters below ground and will span about 300,000 cubic meters. Compressed air energy storage will be used to offset fluctuations in output from power stations, as the compressed gas can be released to drive wind turbines during times of peak energy demand. An estimate of 330 MW of energy could be generated for periods up to six hours.

The company says most of the money will go towards…


Australia’s Largest Off-grid Solar And Energy Storage Facility


The largest solar and battery storage project in Australia will be constructed by the German developer, Juwi, at a copper and gold mine.  The project has the support of public bodies including Australia’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC). The plant will also be the largest in the world that combines solar, diesel and battery storage- as 10.6MW of solar and 6MW of battery storage will be added to the pre-existing diesel generation facility in the DeGrussa Copper-Gold Mine in Western Australia. Over 34,000 solar panels will provide a portion of the mine’s daytime electricity that will reduce the mine’s diesel consumption by about five million liters a year.

According the Australian Solar Council head, John Grimes, the recent policy by…


50MW of Energy Storage To Replace Gas-Fired Plants In South California


A joint venture between Advanced Microgrid Solutions (AMS) and SunEdison Inc. will see 50MW of energy storage systems delivered to the electric utility Southern California Edison(SCE). The project will locate battery storage systems on-site at commercial and industrial customers’ premises.  SCE has bought capacity from the two companies under a 10 year contract, and is part of their plan to add 2.2 GW of cleaner resources, including the integration of renewables and energy storage systems by 2022.

The AMS ‘Hybrid-Electric Buildings’ Project makes use of a large network of batteries integrated in specific buildings where the electric utility requires grid support. The additional energy produced will aim to off-set and eventually replace the energy currently being produced by conventional gas-fired…


Customized Energy Storage Inverters For Tesla’s Powerpack

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A global leader in energy storage inverters, Dynapower Company, announced that they will be supplying 250kW energy storage inverters to Tesla’s Powerpack commercial battery systems. The inverter being used will be their Dynapower Micro Power Systems (MPS)- 250 inverter. The company has been selected by Tesla based on their proven track record of outstanding performance, technology and design flexibility.

Dynapower president, Adam Knusden added that they have specifically customized the MPS -250 to provide a more optimized system for Tesla’s Powerpack, that caters to large-scale commercial, industrial and utility operations. The Tesla Powerpack consist of multiple 100kWh DC batteries grouped to scale from 500kWh to 10 MWh+, allowing energy to be drawn in 2-hour, 3- hour or 4-hour blocks, made…


Li-S Batteries Can Undercut Li-Ion Batteries In Energy Storage Market


The Oxford-based battery developer, Oxis Energy, working with commercial and home energy storage installer company, Anesco, introduces a new lithium sulfur battery for UK’s residential and commercial market.

Li-S will be a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional Li-Ion storage technology.  The company plans to use cheaper material costs of sulfur to undercut the market for lithium-ion batteries, with a goal of having the price for their Li-S batteries set at $250/kWh by the year 2020- compared to the average charge of Li-ion batteris at $400-$500 per kWh.

The battery has already demonstrated its efficiency during the development and demonstration program, Project Helios. In the meantime, Oxis Energy will collaborate with Anesco to educate homeowners, businesses and local…


500 MW Solar Plants Will Be Built In India


3 Canadian Utility companies have formed Sarus Solar, and will being to develop a 500MW solar PV plant that will be located in India, in the state of Maharashtra. More than $1 billion will be invested in the large-scale plant which hopefully be the first of many.

Currently, power purchase agreements are still being negotiated with local utilities. Sarus Solar has also announced its collaboration local the local company, Neelkanth Solar Energy. Arun Agrarwall, head of the company’s operations in India says that their goal of developing 100 GW of solar photovoltaics by 2022 across India is what initially attracted the Canadian companies to their market.

Development of the plant will be carried out by the Canadia EPC, Guycan, with Canadian…


1 Million Sunny Boy TL Inverters Worldwide.


SMA Solar Technology has sold over 1 million Sunny Boy units worldwide. The Sunny Boy range was launched in 2008 and became one of the most popular brands globally due to its ease of application for single-family homes across the world- thanks to its integrated global selection system.  With constant upgrades and updating of the product to cater to the changing market demands, the Sunny Boy now has a global installed output of more than 4 gigawatts of energy.

Last week, SMA announced that profit forecast for 2015 has also been raised on account of the high number of orders and based on its market performance, which has exceeded expectations. The company now expects to bring in between $884-937 million.


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