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Sample Of Utility Speakers Focussing On Residential & Large Scale

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There are more than 60 brand new topic titles that we have thoroughly researched for the Berlin 2017 Programme. The current programme features already over  30 Speakers from the Utilities, TSO and DSO sectors . We have now opened slots for potential new speakers (subject to approval). Download the FULL programme now to have all the details and to apply as a speaker.

Sample Of Utility Speakers Focussing On Residential

Ernesto Ciorra, Head Of Innovation And Sustainability | ENEL (Italy)
Predicting the Killer Application For Residential Energy Storage And Winning Mass Penetration


Stefan Nykamp, Head Of Innovation Management – Grid Storage |WESTNETZ (Germany)
Examining The Potential For Residential Customers To Host Energy Storage Operated By DSOs


Paulo Libano Monteiro, Director Of Technology And Innovation | EDP (Portugal)
Providing Voltage Regulation To Utility Standards Of Reliability By Controlling Residential…


What’s Ahead For Energy Storage World Forum Rome 2015


While much attention in our industry has traditionally been focused on grid-scale energy storage, we have for some time been intrigued by the potential for growth in the residential sector.

Residential energy storage is much less dependent on regulation and in some ways is a much easier sell, since you are selling to customers who do not need to seek budget approval for a purchase. Plus the economics are starting to look good in many places.

That’s why we’re glad to see the Energy Storage World Forum dedicating a whole day to the residential market at its upcoming event in Rome, Italy, next month. Here’s a taste of what might be covered.

The new utility strategy for residential energy storage
By Jason Deign

Utility representatives are expected to signal growing…


Display Of Innovations At Microgrid Forum Asia


Learning and sharing information about new microgrid technologies, the challenges posed by them, and networking opportunities, were some of the benefits of the recently concluded Microgrid Forum Asia. The Forum was held from November 11-13 at Hotel Park Royal on Beach Road, in the heart of Singapore.


Tech Soap Box – Innovation Rewarded

Another notable thing about the Forum was the Tech Soap Box (TSB) event. TSB is a concept unique to forums organised by Dufresne. It is a platform whereby individuals or companies can present an innovative key technology in front of an expert audience.

Each participant is given 10 minutes to explain and discuss his/her innovation Thereafter, the audience votes to select the winner on the basis of the features…


The Most International Microgrid Conference: Amsterdam + Singapore


Going by research and consulting company Global Data’s recent report, now is a good time to assess the various aspects of microgrid application in Asia. The market revenue in the region will top $5.7 billion by 2020, with much of the growth propelled by rural electrification in China, Malaysia, and India. China will lead the expansion, occupying about 40% of the market share.

The Microgrid Forum, with its detailed seminars across a broad range of topics, will allow all energy stakeholder to prepare themselves for the expected boom. Specifically, the forum will feature topics under the umbrella headings of:

Regulation and business case in microgrid

- Microgrid technologies and solutions
- Ancillary services, energy consumption and energy flows
- Integrating electric vehicles and renewables…


Join Microgrid Forum Workshop And Profit From $8 Billion Industry


The Microgrid Forum will conduct a pre-forum workshop that helps industry players in examining the challenges, solutions, and opportunities for Microgrids in different scenarios. Carefully curated and comprehensively researched information will be presented in the symposium to help you develop a microgrid business and technical plan. Workshop leaders Marion Perrin and Tuan Quoc Tran, both of CEA Liten, will be lending their expertise to the seminar.

Microgrids are increasingly gaining the attention of the energy sector, and are expected to be an important part of our energy future. Two recent reports by Navigant Research backs up underlined the explosive growth that microgrids will undergo over the next 7 years. This year, market revenue in the industry is estimated at $8.3…


Attend The Microgrid Forum 2013

With the increasing frequency of natural disasters these days, and the growing energy demand in developing countries with poor infrastructure, the calls for microgrids are getting stronger.

The Dufresne Team recognizes the growing importance of microgrids in our world, and will be organizing the first Microgrid Forum to bring together professionals to shape the future of microgrids.

The Microgrid Forum is an in-depth, two-day event that carefully examines the latest market drivers, enabling technologies, current deployments, and projected growth of microgrids worldwide with a focus on European and Asian countries.

Important topics that will be discussed include the business case for microgrids, identifying key technology advances, overcoming security challenges with microgrids, and evaluating microgrid applications in telecoms, rural, large-scale community dwelling scenarios…


Tech Soap Box News: Berlin 2013

The Tech Soap Box is a unique session of the Energy Storage World Forum. Tech Soap Box features 4 speakers, each given 10 minutes to present on how their energy storage solution will help the industry in terms of economic gains or storage performance. Thereafter, the audience will vote for the best solution. Winners of the Tech Soap Box will benefit from the exposure from our Media partners.

This unique format not only makes the session more engaging and dynamic, but aims to help small companies promote their newly patented energy storage concepts.

This year, at the 6th Energy Storage World Forum in Berlin, Nina Munzke from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) presented her technology, a self-programmed simulation tool, and…


Post-Forum Summary: Berlin 2013

From the 22nd to the 26th of April 2013, delegates from all over the world gathered in Berlin for the 6th Energy Storage World Forum to listen to more than 60 speakers. The speakers alone represented some 20 utilities and 5 regulators. The delegates came from universities, utilities, power electronics companies, government ministries, consultancies and a whole host of companies and organizations.





On Forum Day 1, two Keynote speakers addressed two very different issues; Hans-Joachim Otto, who represented the German Federal Ministry, touched on regulation in Germany, while Francesco del Pizzo, CEO of TERNA PLUS, shared about his company’s expansion in Italy.



Given that energy storage projects have been around for a while, many of the speakers on Day 1 presented on the preliminary…


Summary Of Post-Forum Workshop

Berlin, Germany— as the week of the 6th Energy Storage World Forum came to a close, there was hardly any better lesson than learning how to apply an energy storage project in real life and making it profitable.

In “How To Make Your Energy Storage Project Financeable”, Morning Workshop leader Olivier Vallee shared his experience in Silicon Valley with workshop participants. Olivier answered questions involving private sector financial markets, staged investments, understanding investors, technology financing, public sector financial markets, and drivers of the energy storage sector. The morning workshop also featured guest speaker Fred Hustig.

In the afternoon, Forum Chairman Richard Baxter along with Matthew Lazarewicz of Energy Storage Solutions led the Building the Action Plan session. In this session, conference delegates…


Summary Of Forum Day 3

Berlin, Germany—A variety of speakers shared their knowledge and expertise with the delegates on the topics of wind, solar, wind-gas, solar, residential storage, and power electronics.

One of the speakers in the morning was Dr. Matthias Vetter of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, who presented on optimized hybrid PV battery systems. Citing examples of the levelized cost of electricity in Uganda and water treatment systems in Egypt, Dr. Vetter showed how hybridization of Diesel mini-grids with PV was economically viable. He also explained the need for standardization of communication between manufacturers of different components was necessary.

From the Catalonia Institute for Energy Research (IREC) Spain, researcher Marcel Skoumal provided a plethora of data on different current flow battery technologies….

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