The Utility Response To Grid Defection

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By Mike Stone


Utilities are seeking new ways to respond to grid defection as the economics of solar-plus-storage make it easier for homeowners to disconnect.

A report called The Economics of Grid Defection, by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), concludes that in territories such as Hawaii off-grid solar plus storage is already economically competitive with remaining on the electricity network.

Tens of millions of customers will defect in other areas such as California and New York as solar plus storage achieves grid parity by 2030, and possibly even 2020, the RMI predicts.

And grid defection is by no means a US-only phenomenon.

In many parts of Australia and Germany, for example, the business case for residential PV and storage is still far from convincing,…


U.K.’s Energy Storage And Smart Technologies Fueled By Funds

U.K.’s Energy Storage And Smart Technologies Fueled By Funds

The UK government has announced that they are putting £28 million into lowering the cost of energy storage, enhancing demand side response technologies and bettering energy efficiency measures for the nation.
A competition to reduce energy storage costs, including electricity, thermal and power-to-gas storage, will be launched with £9 million set aside for this alone. This is in addition to £600,000 for researches on the practicability of potential large-scale future storage demonstrators.
The increment of funds would not only revamp the current energy system with a more environmentally-friendly one, but also create more employment opportunities for the people at the same time.
Although solar has not gotten its fair share of support, the approval of other low carbon technologies are gladly received….


ITM Power To Raise £5.5m In Placement

raise £5.5m in share placing

ITM Power, a clean energy company, is determined to raise £5.5m in a projected share placing. They are targeting existing and new institutional investors, with 17p per share. These shares will be based on an accelerated bookbuild offering, and Zeus Capital will be the exclusive lead-manager. The proceeds are intended for bringing forth the working capital to backup the project order book, achieve a positive cash flow position and build up the company’s balance sheet.
Dr. Graham Cooley and investors J.C.B. Research and Valebond Consultants Limited will release 14.9m shares. The company has also made their financial report of six months up till October 2016 known. In this period, the group recognised total revenue and grant funding of £2.97m in…

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